September 2011

EuDML achievements and score at half time were presented at Jahrestagung der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung, Minisymposium "Fragen der Information und Kommunikation in der Mathematik" held in Köln (Germany), on 21–22 September 2011.

Michael Jost (FIZ) gave the talk Was macht die Digitale Mathematische
Bibliothek – Halbzeit im EuDML-Projekt

 The FréDoc ("Formation des réseaux de la documentation": Training of the documentation networks) is an annual meeting around the practises of ITS.

The article: "Project EuDML - A first year demonstration" by J. Borbinha,   Th. Bouche,  A. Nowiñski and P. Sojka  has been published in the book " Intelligent Computer Mathematics". It describes the results of the first year of the EuDML project, an initiative building a new multilingual service for searching and browsing the content of existing European portals of mathematical content. They demonstrate the first versions and proofs of concept of the EuDML portal, its content aggregator and toolset for added value.

The book contains the Proceedings of the "Calculemus" and "Mathematics Knowledge Management" conferences held in Bertinoro, Italy, in July 2011, and is part of the series "Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence" edited by Springer.

Project Review

The mid-term project review took place in the Euroforum, Luxembourg, on the 09th of September 2011.