July 2012

CICM2012 - DML Track

Tomorrow in the morning, DML workshop at the Lecture Hall, Research III, Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany.

Agended talks:

Prototype Release 1.3

A new version of the toolset for EuDML site was released in May. The following services are currently integrated and functional: Zentralblatt Math reference match and lookup, Université Joseph Fourier reference match, harvesting and ingestion, browsing, LaTeX use in formula search, similarity and annotation service. Other functionalities will be added within a few months: the accessible PDF serving, the screen reader service, the annotation component as well as the REST service interface. The toolset is now in tests and improvement stage. The release is available on http://eudml.org.

Since 2008, every year a workshop on Digital Mathematics Libraries (DML) was a part of the Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics (CICM).
For the proceedings see http://dml.cz/handle/10338.dmlcz/702563.

This year CICM was held in Jacobs University in Bremen (Germany) on July 8-13 (http://www.informatik.uni-bremen.de/cicm2012/).

As part of DML track there were three events related to EuDML:

ICM 2014

As published in the May IMU Newsletter "The next International Congress of Mathematicians will take place in Seoul, Korea, from Wednesday August 13, through Thursday August 21,
2014(...)". The complete text can be found at http://www.mathunion.org/imu-net/archive/2012/imu-net-53/
The pre-registration has already been open, see the congress webpage.

The panel discussion EuDML: Accessing Europe's mathematical treasures organized the 6th European Congress of Mathematics, Kraków, Poland, on 2 July 2012: