November 2012

The W3C Open Annotation Community Group [1] is developing an open, general-purpose model for describing scholarly annotations of Web resources, including scholarly journal articles, class Web pages, mathematics eprints, etc. Leveraging emerging Semantic Web standards and Linked Open Data best practices, the goal of Open Annotation is interoperability that simultaneously supports advanced scholarly discourse and a wide-range of content repositories and annotation tools.

5th Polish-Japanese Days

On 6th November, Aleksander Nowinski gave the talk "EuDML – a truly mathematical resource" in the "Focus session of Mathematics in Interdisciplinary Sciences". This session was part of the 5th Polish-Japanese Days on Nonlinear Analysis in Interdisciplinary Sciences, held in Kyoto, Japan, between 5 and 9 November, 2012.

Thierry Bouche (UJF/CMD) remotely participated in the First meeting of the National Research Council committee on “Planning a Global Library of the Mathematical Sciences”, Washington, 27.11.2012.

Jiří Rákosník (IMAS) presented the EuDML in the Biannual Meeting of Teachers of Mathematics at All Types and Levels of Schools in Srní, Czech Republic, on 8–10 November 2012.