March 2013

AMS 125th anniversary of AMS

In 2013, AMS celebrates its 125th anniversary. Find more at:

IMU on the web (from IMU newsletter)

"The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDF), a consortium which includes many publishing and software firms as institutional members and which promotes standards for electronic publishing, published its EPub 3.0 standard in late 2011. This new standard provides many advantages for mathematics publication, from journals to textbooks." Read the complete text at:

CICM 2013 – Call for papers

The Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, CICM 2013 (, will take place on July 8-12, 2013 at the University of Bath, Bath, UK.

Important dates:

ICM 2014 (from IMU newsletter)

"The next International Congress of Mathematicians will take place in Seoul, Korea, from Wednesday August 13, through Thursday August 21, 2014." Read the complete text at:

EuDML project

The project EuDML supported by the European Commission finished officially on 31 January. Its outcome, the fully functional European Digital Mathematics Library is freely available on The mathematical community and general public is invited to exploit the digital content and take advantage of the wide range of specialised services. Developers will find a variety of useful tools on the project web site