Become a Member or Partner

Membership in the Initiative is open to any legally and contractually competent natural or legal person willing to support the objectives of the Initiative by providing any of the following:

  • digital content, i.e. integrating (at least partially) their digital collections of high scientific quality mathematical publications in the DML and maintaining and expanding access to these publications through the DML service according to the EuDML Policies, Guidelines and Standards;
  • technological development equipment and services for maintaining the DML central services and developing other technical services and tools to be used in the DML;
  • scientific, financial, strategic or political support to the Initiative and its activities.

By joining the Initiative the member agrees to accept the Statutes and adhere to the EuDML Policies.

Partners who are willig to provide a digital content for the EuDML or otherwise cooperate with the EuDML Initiative without becoming its members are welcome.

Contact us to become members or partners.