The EuDML enhancer toolset—demo version

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EuDML Enhancer toolset demos

  • PdfToTextViaOCR (Basic plaintext extraction from bitmap images which are rendered from a PDF document)
  • PDFTester (Tests whether a PDF document contains multiple layers, page bitmaps and/or is born digital)
  • PDF Text Extractor (Extracts plain text from a PDF document)
  • MathML Extractor (Analyses a PDF document and extracts the mathematical expressions from it as a list of MathML structures)
  • NLMTeX2TeX+MML (Takes an NLM conformant formula structure with a <texmath> stream, and adds MathML translations for all mathematical expressions encoded as LaTeX sources in the file)
  • TeX2NLM (Identifies TEX math in a CDATA UTF-8 string, returns NLM conformant formula structure with dual streams original TeX and MathML)
  • Plain Text Reference Segmenter (Extracts bibliographic references from plain text)
  • Bibliographic Reference Parser (Parses a plain text bibliographic reference; extracts author names, title, publication year, etc.)
  • ZBMATH Metadata Lookup (Get Zentralblatt MATH metadata for a publication given its Zentralblatt identifier)
  • PdfJbIm (Recompress bitmap streams in a PDF document with JBIG2)
  • Pdfsizeopt (Optimize PDF documents)
  • math_metadata_lookup (MR/Zbl metadata search and fetch )
  • ME Metadata Editor (standalone editing for use at providers’ sites)

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