EuDML Policies, Standards and Guidelines (Annex to the Statutes)

Article 1: EuDML Policies

EuDML aims to be a long-standing, reliable and open source of trusted mathematical knowledge. For this purpose the following policy principles have been adopted for the EuDML:

  1. The texts in EuDML must have been scientifically validated and formally published.
  2. EuDML items must be open access after a finite embargo period. Once documents contributed to the library are made open access due to this policy, they cannot revert to close access later on.
  3. The digital full text of each item contributed to EuDML must be archived physically at one of the EuDML member institutions.

Article 2: EuDML Metadata Schema
In order to ensure collating the mathematical content from information providers and to interoperate with relevant infrastructures in the fields of scientific information, the EuDML Metadata Schema has been published.

Article 3: Data

  1. It is not allowed to download the whole database or considerable parts of it without prior written confirmation by that partner, whose data delivered to EuDML should be downloaded. Confirmation by fax or e-mail will suffice.
  2. The EuDML information providers retain all rights pertaining to their collections. They grant to the Initiative the non-exclusive right to keep and use copies of their provided data (right to reproduce the work and communicate the work to the public) for the purposes of search and retrieval display in DML public services and they guarantee that this is with conformity with the possible third parties rights.
  3. Each EuDML information provider may decide, whether full text will be provided to the Initiative and to which extent the full text might be used or distributed. Agreement between the Initiative and the information provider will specify these and further usage and exploitation rights for each collection contributed to the EuDML.
  4. The indexing and other metadata information generated by the central services of EuDML “DML-enhanced metadata”) is owned by the Initiative. Information providers are entitled to use and exploit copies of DML-enhanced metadata of those items for which they have provided metadata.
  5. Copies of metadata provided by information providers and the DML-enhanced metadata shall be kept at the sites maintained by EuDML service providers. If a service provider withdraws from this role, the data and respective rights and obligations stay with the remaining service providers.
  6. Members of the Initiative active in the research domain of Digital (Mathematics) Libraries are entitled to use (copies of) the DML-enhanced metadata for their research purposes. However, usage of a particular subset of the metadata for this purpose may be restricted by the respective information provider. Results of such research activities will be made available to the Initiative and its members.

Article 4: Software

  1. Exploitation rights for software and tools developed by the Initiative stay with the originator. Non-exclusive exploitation rights are granted to the Initiative for use in the context of the EuDML.
  2. The Initiative advocates an open-source policy for software, and encourages developers to post their developments for EuDML under an open source license.